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Aluminium Folding Window

Aluminium Folding Window



Step 1
Choose the design Skylight

1. Hollow Type
2. T-Bar Type

Step 2
Descide the Size

1. T-Bar/Hollow only allows width from the beamup to 6′, more than 6′, pull string or pole is required for additional support

Step 3
Choose the add ons

1. Lourves Panel
2. Hollow Bar
3. Water Cutter
4. Roof Pull String
5. 1/2″, 2/8″, 1″, 2″ Lourves Hollow

Step 4
Call us at 03-89623288.

Sit back and relax, our sales team will
take care the rest for you

Model No: TOP HUNG

Frame: 1.6-2.0mm Thickness of Aluminum

Glass Thickness
8.38- 8.78mm
Double Layer Laminated Glass
Color Choice: Green, Blue Grey, Clear

6mm or 8mm Tempered Glass
Color Choice: Green, Blue Grey, Clear

Design: One Piece Glass Latice

Function: Pivot Casement Window

Security: Multipoint Lock 2 Point Lock

Add Ons (optional)
1. Latice
2. Lourves
3. Upgrade to 8.38mm Glass
4. Fix Panel
5.1/2’’, 2/8’’, 1’’, 2’’ Lourves Hollow

WHY is TOP HUNG WINDOW is great for you?

Bifold Door has been the most popular choice for limited space area as it saves half of the space needed for a door to swing open.

At Reliance Home, we provide a good design platform consists of various colors of door frame and materials for our customer to design their desired bifold door. Our frame is made up aluminium with powder coating color and the infill panel is made up of choices such as: Polystyrene, Acrylic, Fibered glass and Laminated Glass.


Reduce external sound levels.
Engineered for durability of strong aluminum profile
Enhanced security by Reliance Home Two-Point locking system
Elegant Frame outline and various color choices for both frame and high graded laminated glass.
Smooth opening and closing system with premium quality parts components to ensure greatest user friendliness.
All accessories and parts used are made of stainless steel with the screws.
All window products come with two years warranty from Reliance*.

Double Layer Laminated Glass Material Type

Safety & Standards

RELIANCE HOME Glass is safety glazing material, conforming to the requirements of
CPSC 16FR 1201 Category I Performance
CPSC 16FR 1201 Category II Performance criteria
Underwriters Laboratories’ UL972 Standard for
Security Glazing
Class 1 of the ASTM International’s F1233 Security
Glazing Test Standard.

Impact Performance

RElLIANCE HOME laminated safety glass will resist penetration and will absorb the energy of the impact. The glass will remain intact when broken, with the glass fragments remaining firmly bonded to the interlayer, thus minimising the risk of injuries from sharp edges and falling glass.


If broken, laminated safety glass will remain intact in its frame and will continue to safeguard the building until the glass is replaced. Due to the tough PVB interlayer used, it will continue to provide protection and resistance to entry after the glazing is broken.

Sound Reduction

The viscoelastic properties of the SAFLEX PVB Interlayer RELIANCE HOME used provide a dampening effect on the transmission of sound, thus reducing unwanted noise.

UV Control

The UV absorbing additive in the Saflex PVB interlayer used by RELIANCE HOME can screen out almost all of the sun’s damaging UV rays, thus providing protection against discolouration and damage to fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, furnishings, artworks, etc.


Customer Photo:

Bifold Casement Window


Bifold Casement Window


Bifold Casement Window


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