Tips on designing Doors & Windows

  Site: Sg Long- Semi D Product Installed: 1. Aluminum Casement Window 2. Multi Folding Door 3. Sliding Window + Fixed Panel 4. Room Glass Partition 5. Shower Screen Buy now at https://www.reliancehome.com/shop #Tips of Doors & Window 1. The conventional height of window is 1200mm, the designer designed all the windows to be 1500mm […]

Exterior Doors

Exterior Doors Your house doors and windows are not only serving its purpose to your home but to show your home’s personality, whether it is formal and dignified, simple and colorful. Small details often add a big difference; the doors and windows can be the focal point of your home if you choose the right […]

It’s all about Window Fashion

  Casement Windows. Windows that catch a breeze. Casement windows are our most ventilating window style. To enjoy a breeze, simply crank your casement windows outward and direct the fresh air in. Casement windows are a great choice for above cabinets or counters where opening requires a reach. Adding to their convenience, our casement windows […]