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Glass Sliding Door

Glass Sliding Door

WHY GLASS SLIDING DOOR? Interior Glass Door are a way to bring more light to every room corner and create bright and modern interior design. Traditional and contemporary large interior Glass Door from the floor to the ceiling let inside plenty of light, visually increasing home interiors and giving the impression of lightness. Sliding interior doors and folding interior doors are modern interior design trends and great space saving ideas. Traditional wooden door with glass inserts, especially with stained glass inserts are popular option also for bringing the sun light into home interiorAs. Contemporary interior Glass Door or charming French doors in traditional homes in classic style are beautiful and elegant elements of interior design.





Step 1
Choose the types of Glass Sliding Door

1. TG800 Sliding Frameless Door (12mm Thickness Tempered Glass)
2. OASIS ( 8mm Thickness Temperd Glass)
3. FRAMED Swing Door (6.36mm Lami )

Step 2
Make Sure top support is prepared

Since these three models are hanging glass
door, the head support is very important.
Please make sure metal bar is installed if
there is a plaster ceiling. The best is to install
on concrete ceiling or beam.

Step 3
Choose the direction of opening

(Swing in or Swing Out)

Step 4
Choose the add ons

1. Rubber Seal
2. Stainless Steel Square Long Handle
or Round Handle
3. Laminated Glass
4. Sandblast Glass

Step 5
Call Us at 03-89623288.

Sit back and relax, our sales team will
take care the rest for you.


Model No
1. TG800 Sliding Frameless Door(12mm)
2. Oasis Sliding Glass Door ( 8mm)
3. Framed Hanging Glass Door ( 6.38-6.78mm)

No Frame

Glass Thickness
TG800 : 12mm Clear Tempered Glass
TG500 OASIS : 8mm Clear Tempered Glass
3. Framed Door: 6.38-6.78mm Laminated Glass

Infil Panel
“GRADE A“10mm Tempered Glass
Reliance Home Tempered Glass is safety glazing
material, conforming to the requirements of ASTM
C1048, ANSI 97.1, BS 6206, etc.


Add Ons (optional)
1. Rubber Seal
2. Stainless Steel Square Long Handle
or Round Handle
3. Laminated Glass
4. Sandblast Glass

SUS304 Stainless Steel Bearing – HEAVY DUTY ROLLER UP TO 100KG/panel


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