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Staircase Malaysia

Staircase Malaysia

Staircase glass or stairway consists of steps that divide a large vertical distance into small proportion that connects each other till the destination. Conventional Staircase may be straight or round or maybe combination a few at certain angles.

In Reliance Home, we produce glass railing system to the staircase. Glass railing not only gives away modern touch to your home but it create space and let you enjoy the full unblock view from the stairway to any part of the house.

Staircase Glass is made of 12mm Tempered Glass. This Tempered Glass comes in many types of clear color glass or frosted color glass. The most common colors used are clear glass and clear green, because the purpose of putting Staircase Glass is to provide unblocked view and modern touch.

Tempered Glass is a strengthened or toughened safety glass that undergoes a process of thermal heating, which increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempered Glass is minimum 5 times stronger than the normal glass. The glass shatters off when it breaks and reduces the injury as compared to normal glass.

Custom Made To Order Staircase Malaysia – At Any Shapes, Styles, Color At Your Choice.

While Staircase Glass and Balcony Glass are installed in public area, we strongly recommend you to choose a reliable supplier carefully for the safety purposes. ​

Types Of Staircase Glass

There are two types Staircase Glass in Reliance Home, which are

Embedded Aluminum-U Channel
Glass Clip


Staircase Malaysia - At Any Shapes, Styles, Color At Your Choice.

U Chanel Glass Rail

is made up of 6’’ of Aluminium U-Channel, which is implanted into your cement floor that becomes even with your floor level, and we will put the 12mm tempered glass into this U-Channel and get them sealed with transparent Silicon. This type of staircase consumes more space than the Glass Clip as it takes away minimum 6 inch of the area to get them U-channel embedded. Read More…

Glass Clip

glass clip,Staircase Malaysia - At Any Shapes, Styles, Color At Your Choice.

Glass Clip type does not involve any wet work like embedded aluminum U-channel; it is simpler and faster in terms of installation. We simply screw the piece of glass to the sidewall of the staircase using our SUS304 stainless steel-made glass clips. This type of staircase provides larger walkway as it is installed at the side wall but more expensive due to larger piece of glass, as the glass has to cover from the bottom part of the staircase up to the standard height level. Read More…

Tempered Glass– GRADE A (Staircase Malaysia)

All the Staircase Glass is made up of Tempered Glass– a safety glass that is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it falls.

Tempered Glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass. In all our Balcony Glass and Staircase Glass series, we add additional safety feature named “heat-soak” into the tempering process as these types of products are exposed to public area. This heat soak process is costly to make, that is why it is only applicable or used as public area products.

Heat Soaking is a destructive process in which a pane of Tempered Glass is placed in a chamber subjected to temperature up to 280° C for several hours over a specific temperature gradient to induce fracture. This test insures that if there is probability of breakage, then the infected panes will break inside the furnace at the factory itself. Up to 95% NiS infected panes are usually destroyed inside the heat soak chamber at the factory premises and hence, reduce the chances of onsite breakages.


There are several types of rail handle that Reliance Home offer which includes: Stainless Steel and solid wood handle.

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