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Glass Staircase U Channel

Glass Staircase U Channel



Step 1
Choose the types of Glass Staircase

1. Glass Staircase 4S101
2. Glass Staircase 4S202
3. Glass Staircase 4S303
4. Staircase Glass 4S505
5. Staircase Glass 4S606
6. Glass Clip
7. Embedded U Channel

Step 2
Choose the Handle Choice

Step 3
Choose the add ons

1. Laminated Glass (Green, Blue, Grey, Frosted)
2. Sandblast Glass

Step 4
Call us at 03-89623288.

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Model No
U Channel

Glass Stand & Handle
SUS404 Stainless Steel

Glass Thickness
T12mm Clear Tempered Glass

Infil Panel
“GRADE A” 10mm Tempered Glass
Reliance Home Tempered Glass is safety glazing
material, conformating to the requirements of ASTM
C1048, ANSI 97.1, BS6206, etc. Function

Adds On (Optional)
1. Laminated Glass
​2. Sandblast Glass

GLASS MATERIAL TYPE – 12MM /8MM Tempered Glass

RELIANCE HOME glass staircase U channel is using tempered tlass is a  safety glazing material, conforming to the requirements of ASTM C 1048, ANSI 97.1, BS 6206, etc. RELIANCE HOME Tempered Glass is more resistant to thermally induced stress and can, therefore, resist thermal shock which can cause ordinary annealed glass to crack.

RELIANCE HOME Glass Staircase’s  Tempered Glass is approximately 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. It has a higher bending strength and is more resistant to impact.



Embedded Aluminium U Channel – Universal Staircase System


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