External or Outdoor Door are extremely important as it creates the first impression to your home. Not only it defines most of the portion design of the house, it controls the access to the house and there is expose to weather and sunlight contact all the times.

Therefore, choosing the right design and most importantly durable material to our Outdoor Door are very important.
Security is the important feature that Reliance Home put on a lot of effort to produce a secured door as these doors are the only access to the house. All our outdoor series are designed with safety lock such as multipoint locking system and paneled with Double Layer Laminated PVB safety glass. Laminated Glass is a safety glass, which will not shatter off when the glass got hit. This feature can prolong the process of break in.

At Reliance Home, there is no limit to the different styles and designs to choose from in our external door options. With a huge glass range and an extensive range of door styles, you will be sure to find a door to suit your style and budget.
Choosing the type of door mechanism depend on the amount of space allocation, your purpose (to enjoy the full unblock view, ventilation, etc) and you should consider the design of the door to your personal liking.

In Reliance Home, we provide a whole range of Outdoor Door options. Ranging from folding door, Sliding Door, Swing Door or single panel door, double panel doors, 4 panels, 6 panels or even up to 12 panels doors, we can fulfill your every need.
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