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RS130 Shower Screen



Anodised / Aluminum Powder Coated
(* using Dupont/ Jotun premiump ainting coating)

Infil Panel
1. 4mm Clear Tempered Glass
2. 4mm “S” Design Tempered Glass
3. Eco Panel * VOC Free Eco-friendly Panel ( >more than 5,000 designs)
4. Polystrene Sheet ( 18 designs & color choices)

Sliding Type

Add Ons (optional)
Two Way Sliding Feature ( Make both panels slidable)

1 Panel sliding, Water Proofing, Rust Proof, Magnectic Closure Strip,
Premium S Handle


S SERIES Aluminium Full Frame Model RS 130 is a shower system designed in
Aluminium framework. The sliding door panel is fully framed to achieve 100% water proofing.

The aluminium frame comes with a variety of color choices from Original Anodised to many other colors of Powder coating. The infil panel comes with different types such as Polystyrene, Eco Panel and Tempered Glass.

RS series is full of freedom of design, no wonder everyone wants to have it.

An ideal size for a shower area is minimum 4′ Length and 3′ Depth. Wall To Wall Shower Screen will cover the length to prevent water splashing around while you shower. To do this, you will need to measure the opening between the walls, you can do a quick measure by calculating how many floor tiles it contains between the two walls (Standard tile size is 8 inches, 1 foot and 2 feet). With this measurement, you will be able to choose whether you want 1, 2 or three panel Wall To Wall Shower Screen.The standard height for a Wall To Wall Shower Screen is 1800mm (6 feet), however we can custom made just any size to your liking.

All of our Shower Screen are custom made and our experienced technician will do a site consultation to work out the best solution for you.

For a quick tutorial to how to design a great Wall To Wall Shower Screen, we provide you some tips as below:-

>> If your measurement between the walls is less than 900mm, we will recommend choose three sliding panel or just a piece of Glass Door model REH100.

>> If your measurement between the walls is between 900mm~1500mm, we will recommend one fix panel and one door panel, which side for the fix and door panel to be placed subject to site allocation for your shower head, bathtub, WC, Basin and floor leveling. This will apply to both Swing Door Type and Sliding Type.

>> If your measurement between the walls is more than 1500mm, we will recommend 4 Panel sliding shower with one fix panel at each side and two sliding panel at the center with center sliding opening. This will become a three-piece Wall To Wall Shower Screen.



Step 1
Choose design of Shower Screen

Step 2
Choose the types of Colors & Materials

>> Frame Color
>> Infil Panel Choice
> Tempered Glass
> Eco Graphic Panel
> Polystyrene

Step 3
Choose the add ons

> Two Way Sliding
> Sandblast Glass
​ > Aluminium Kerb
> Synthethic Marble Kerb

Step 4
Call us at 03-89623288.

Sit back and relax, our sales team will
take care the rest for you

Infil Panel Material Choice


One of the major benefits asspcoated with Polystyrene is its excellent insulating properties. They offer a much higher level of thermal resistance than traditonal fiberglass or cellulose insulation products. It comes in variety of texture and colors design. Conform to SGS quality test HV-2002-3-0020


4MM Tempered Safety Glass
“GRADE A“ 4mm Tempered Glass Reliance Home Tempered Glass is safety glazing material, conforming to the requirements of ASTM C 1048, ANSI 97.1, BS 6206, etc.


Eco Panel Collection
Eco Panel is also named as “picture glass” which comes in many graphic designs. In Reliance Home, we provide more than 5,000 designs to choose from.

Model RS130 – Frame Sliding Type Series




Product Specification

Surface Finish: Powder Coating
Material: Aluminium Extrusion
Function: Two Panel Sliding
Infil Panel: 4mm cleared Tempered Glass


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