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Glass Door

Glass Door

Interior Glass Door are a way to bring more light to every room corner and create bright and modern interior design. Traditional and contemporary large interior Glass Door from the floor to the ceiling let inside plenty of light, visually increasing home interiors and giving the impression of lightness.

Sliding interior doors and folding interior doors are modern interior design trends and great space saving ideas. Traditional wooden door with glass inserts, especially with stained glass inserts are popular option also for bringing the sun light into home interiors.

Contemporary interior Glass Door or charming French doors in traditional homes in classic style are beautiful and elegant elements of interior design.



Framed Glass Sliding Door

Suspended Sliding Door which opens up 100% space as compared to bifold door

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Framed Glass Swing Door

Swing Door stylishly designed and its rust-proofing aluminium frame

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TG800 Frameless Sliding Door

Suspended frameless glass sliding panels provides a modern touch to your closet

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Frameless Swing Door

Frameless Swing Door consist of 12mm tempered glass




Step 1
Choose Type Of Door

>> Bifold Door
>> Framed Sliding Door
>> Framed Swing Door
>> TG800 Frameless Sliding Door
>> Frameless Swing Door

Step 2
Choose The Color Of Following Materials

>> Frame Color
>> Infield Panel Choice
>> Double Layer Laminated Glass
>> Acrylic Panel
>> Eco Graphic Panel
>> Polystyrene

Step 3
Choose The Add On

>> Swing Door Locks
>> Sliding Door Locks

Step 4
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Find Your Door Style

In our indoor door Malaysia series, folding door is the most space saving door as compared to sliding and swing door as it fold the door panel into half and saving half of the opening space. Whereas Sliding Door opens up the opening space fully. All these three type of doors are popular pick for toilets as the door is light, waterproffing and easy to clean.


All Reliance Home Outdoor Door Are Compiled With 6H Qualities


Product Specification

1. Frameless Glass
Function: Swng/Pivot or sliding door (suspended glass door)

2. Framed Glass Door
Function: Swng/Pivot or sliding door (suspended glass door)

Glass Thickness
Frameless Glass Door: 10mm or 12mm
Framed Glass Door: 6.38mm – 6.78mm

Swing or Sliding



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