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Diamond Shape

Diamond Shape

Diamond Shape Shower Screen is one of the most common type of Shower Screen for those smaller condominium in Malaysia. The Shower Screen is installed at the corner of the wall to form a Diamond Shape for shower area.


Why Diamond Shape?

Diamond shape forms the smallest shower area as compared to wall to wall and Corner Entry. The extra triangle shape is cut at the L-angle and makes it a Diamond Shape. Normally Diamond Shape are formed due to space constraint and bathroom layout. Most modern bathroom renovators, designers, architects or house owners prefer to choose a frameless Shower Screen to add in more space and clean look to their bathroom. Frameless Shower Screen represent glass panels which are not framed by any aluminium profile and is made by 10mm or 8mm tempered glass..


An ideal size for a shower area is minimum 3′ x 3′ ( 900mm x 900mmx 1800mm H) . Shower Screen form a Diamond Shape to cover up the other side of the L Shape wall and form a cubical space for you to shower. The size of your corner entry shower are normally based on your floor leveling. If you buy a readymade house, in the bathroom, they have designated a fix area for shower where this shower area floor is at lower ground compared to dry area. You can measure the size, which will be a L Shape at the lower ground area, this sizes will indicate your Shower Screen size.

The standard height for a Shower Screen is 1800mm (6 feet), however we can custom made just any size to your liking.

Designs that Diamond Shape can Offer

For Diamond Shape, it is very common for the door be fixed at the center while two other fixed glasses are fixed to each side of the wall end. All of our Shower Screen are custom made and our experienced technician will do a site consultation to work out the best solution for you.

Due to the odd size nature of the Diamond Shape, there is no rule of thumbs of how to design the Shower Screen, we have to follow whatever designated size given on site and we always choose the larger piece to be the door whereas the other smaller pieces to become the fix panel. Remember, door is always fixed at the center.

Rubber Seal

All our frameless series comes with quality Rubber Seal to reduce the water leaking possibility to the highest, but for frameless series, we do not assure 100% water-leaking free as there will still be certain gaps in between movable door panel.


We provide Frameless Swing Door Type shower screen (REH100 / REH200 / REH300 / REH400 series), Frameless Sliding Type Shower Screen (RS5018P, RS5018PL, RS5028P series), Frameless Folding Type Shower Screen (RB180Z and RB090R), Framed Shower Screen (RS130/RS220), Fully Stainless Steel Frameless Shower Screen series (KK-T72 and KK-T11). All our Shower Screen are made to order, be it wall to wall, straight line, L Shape, corner entry, pentagon shape, Curve Shape or round shape, Reliance Home offers all shapes at all times.

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