Yard Door

Yard Door

Yard Door is one of the door elements to consider during your renovation. There are three types of doors you may choose from: Bifold Door, Sliding Door, Swing Door. These three types of doors serve you the purpose of room allocation and yet giving you a stylish touch to your home design.


2 TYPES OF Closet Door

MultiSwing Door
Multiswing is a pivot door comes with security feature such as multipoint lock ..
Swing Door
Swing door stylishly designed and its rust-proofing aluminium frame makes ..



Step 1
Choose types of door

> MultiSwing Door
> Swing Door

Step 2
Choose types of Colors & Materials

>> Frame Color
>> Infil Panel Choice
> Double Layer Laminated Glass
> Acrylic Panel
> Eco Graphic Panel
> Polystyrene

Step 3
Choose the add ons

> Swing Door Lock

Step 4
Call us at 03-89623288.

Sit back and relax, our sales team will
take care the rest for you

Yard Door – Safety Comes FirstFor Yard Door, Security always the main concern of our client. Our MultiSwing Door comes with security feature such as:-
1. Multi Point Locking System to ensure higher locking stress resistence.
2. Double Layer Laminated Glass provide non-shattered feature to reduce the time of break in.
3. Thick and strengthened aluminium frame profile to provide better stress endurance and durability for break in possibility.



Yard Door 1
Yard Door 2
Yard Door 3
Yard Door 4
Yard Door 5
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